4) In 1980, he opened what would be his first shop, Hot Rods by

4) In 1980, he opened what would be his first shop, Hot Rods by
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Predictably on the run of play that had already seen Israel Folau butcher a gaping overlap when Mike Brown closed him down, Australia struck the first try scoring blow, 19 minutes in. Waves of attack were met determinedly by England, and one double tackle by Tom Youngs and Dan Cole slammed Michael Hooper one half of the Wallabies’ dangerously fast acting dual openside combo with David Pocock to a halt. But the ball kept coming, and although England were numbered up okay on their left flank, they were ragged in alignment and Bernard Foley, the fly half who had kicked a penalty after four minutes, dummied and shimmied past flailing tackles by Joe Launchbury and Brown.

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