He appeared to soften that position today saying

He appeared to soften that position today saying
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The resolution reaffirming Chicago’s status as a sanctuary city was unanimously approved after several aldermen offered personal stories of seeking refuge here.One Syrian family who arrived here earlier this year, watched from the visitors’ gallery.While Governor Rauner had declared that, will temporarily suspend accepting new Syrian refugees. He appeared to soften that position today saying, request briefings from the federal government on refugees being resettled to Illinois before they come, his spokesman said.Even though Rauner had just declined an offer of a White House briefing; 34 other governors, including some who enacted their own bans, accepted. Rauner, his spokesman says, was unavailable.”The notion you would put on pause the that we would welcome refugees fleeing the violence is not true to who we are as a country and it is also not true to who we are as a city,” Emanuel said.The mayor also stressed the long and thorough vetting of refugees before they are admitted.

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