That level of choice can be daunting

That level of choice can be daunting
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That level of choice can be daunting, however, as buyers are faced with today’s expanding array of new car options.Not only are there more models on the market than ever before but those cars are available in more different bodystyles, with a greater array of different powertrains and offering buyers more scope to personalise their vehicles with optional extras. Making the right car buying decision has never been trickier but Auto Express is always on hand to help.Auto Express Product Awards 2016: the winnersOur hugely experienced road test team has once again rated every single newcomer on the car market in 2016, racking up over 250,000 miles to test more than 500 models. But which are the best of the bunch the cars you should definitely add to your shortlist? Over the next 50 pages we name the top performers in our annual New Car Awards, the best cars to buy over the next 12 months.We’ve selected a winner and two commended cars in 21 categories covering the whole of today’s new car market.

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