The second collapse, shown in Figure 4, was performed on the

The second collapse, shown in Figure 4, was performed on the
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While water has receded off the roadway, flooding and debris have damaged parts of the bridge. Water remains too high at this time for a full bridge inspection to determine the extent of potential damage. Signs are in place and traffic will be detoured to Poteau and Heavener..

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replica ray ban sunglasses Note that for the higher strain rates, the samples break before they reach the steady state Figure 2 shows that the stress versus time plots have no flat region for strain rates of 2 104 and 1 103s1.The second collapse, shown in Figure 4, was performed on the most slowly strained sample using CCDFs from stress bins near the critical failure stress. Nearly all of the stress drops occurred above 92.0% of the highest average stress achieved in the sample. Three partitions of average stresses were chosen 94.0 96.0%, 96.0 97.0%, and 97.0 97.6%, where the percentages indicate the percents of the maximum stress on the sample, 1,980MPa replica ray ban sunglasses.