Two hours later, as we arrived at our hotel we noticed that we

Two hours later, as we arrived at our hotel we noticed that we
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When he takes the oath of office, I’ll be on the ground in the city, reporting and broadcasting live on Facebook.Not only is Mr. Trump responsible for one of the greatest political upsets in the modern era, his tag line “Make America Great Again” has radically divided a nation.Though not the first controversial candidate in either America or Canada to seek the approval of voters, the one time McDonald’s pitchman’s shocking defeat of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is unique in its representation of yet another success for populism on a global scale.Last May, former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte defeated the grandson of a former president and the daughter of a popular local actor to win the Philippine presidency. Running on a campaign which promised to execute drug users on a massive level, the man Time magazine once dubbed “The Punisher” for his alleged extrajudicial killings while mayor currently has an approval rating of over 80 percent, according to a poll conducted last October by Pulse Asia, a public opinion research organization located in the Philippines and founded in the late 1990’s.

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