Until they come up with a Chiko Roll version of Sushi

Until they come up with a Chiko Roll version of Sushi
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Pro tip: It not the lack of time on the bike that foils many first time century riders, it poor nutritional planning. Practice your nutrition prep on your long rides, aiming for about 200 calories an hour. Then, don forget to eat on the big day, otherwise you be flying at mile 50 and totally out of gas by 80, when you need the energy most..

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With 90 student athletes now participating, the Coup has contributed to other successful youth teams. California Roll, a Bay Area girls team, was founded in 2014 by captains Chloe Carothers Liske and Hannah Wells, both seniors this year, and four year members of the Coup. California Roll entered this year’s Western’s women’s division as the eighth seed and finished the first day of competition by giving the 1 seed Nathan Hale High School a battle, taking an early lead before losing 7 5..

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