We’re highlighting causes that are near and dear to our ethos

We’re highlighting causes that are near and dear to our ethos
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Value: Clonazepam certainly helps in periodic alternating nystagmus and may help some cases of congenital nystagmus. Finally, various ‘fringe’ therapies have been advocated: pleoptics,10 biofeedback7 and flashing red lights8. The last named treatment has the great advantage of simultaneously treating amblyopia, or so it is claimed!The patient who presents with nystagmus blockage syndrome (congenital esotropia, head turn to the side of the fixing eye, nystagmus on abduction, and usually amblyopia), is best managed by aggressive medial rectus surgery on both eyes to take advantage of the presumed stabilising effect of medial rectus innervation without the associated esotropia.

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2, which gives W(T) curve calculated using Eq.(2) with =7021kg/m3, K/min, G(T), Gx(T) dependences shown in Fig. 1 and the shear susceptibility =18 determined as the least square fit to the experimental heat flow curve. It is to be noticed that this value is quite close to the shear susceptibilities determined for other metallic glasses10,11,12,13.

La croyance, c personnel. La prire, c personnel. La mditation, c personnel. Once this is done, one needs to select the right kind of glasses that suits one’s face. Every type of face has a different kind of requirement when it comes to eyeglasses. A pear shaped face needs a separate pair of eyeglasses as compared to a square or round shaped face.